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Re: Investment opportunity for 51% ownership in successful operating company.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Inpro Yasa Indonesia is a furniture manufacturer located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. We fabricate indoor furniture that is sold and exported in container loads to Europe. At the present time our market does not include the US, which we see as a potentially lucrative expansion for our product lines. Our annual sales volume is approximately US$ 2.5 million. Details regarding our product lines, facilities, and other relevant manufacturing data can be found on our website at

Two decades ago the company was founded by a western educated Indonesian citizen (who speaks a number of European languages fluently) who propelled the business from a cottage industry enterprise to a fairly sophisticated, mechanized operation. Mechanized to a degree that it still supports the national social goal of providing employment to a significant number of local inhabitants. Growth occurred almost overnight. At this point in our development cycle, however, we find that our resources and know-how are no longer sufficient for our increasingly sophisticated customers. To remain competitive we require additional capital as well as additional technical expertise in furniture marketing and manufacturing.

Realizing our current business limitations as well as the substantial upside in the potential world wide market, the company is engaged in an active search for a prospective partner who can provide capital and access to technical marketing and world-class furniture production know-how. While additional capital - in the order of US$ 0.5 to US$ 0.75 million - is important, furniture manufacturing and marketing expertise is equally important. In return we are prepared to relinquish majority ownership (51%) of the business. The company's founder will remain as a minority shareholder. Please be advised that an Indonesian equity owner is not only required under Indonesian law, but that it is probably also a very good idea. As an individual with a verifiable business track record, the founder's continued full participation as a substantial minority shareholder will ensure the maintenance of relationships with existing customers, vendors, local and national government officials and so forth.

As the local representative for various potential foreign investors looking for investment opportunities in Indonesia we will appreciate it if you introduce us to individuals or entities who may have an interest. When appropriate, we are prepared to provide audited financial statements as well as appraisal documents.

Feel free to contact the undersigned by telephone or at the e-mail address noted above should you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for your interest and support.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Fred Leimena

Owner and Director


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